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If you do not know some of the details at this point, that is fine.
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NOTE: No extra food may be removed (taken home) after a The Buff event.

All food and beverage are subject to a 20% service charge, 6.875% sales tax, transit tax, and a 9.375% liquor tax.

Confetti and Glitter are strictly prohibited.

Walls & Decor: Only painters tape is allowed to affix items to walls.  3M command hook products are allowed, but ONLY on brick walls.  Decor may be hung from the ceiling with push pins or tied around ceiling brackets. Easels may be another alternative for posters and signs.  All materials hung in anyway as well as adhesives and pins must be removed by the end of the event.

Menu selection and final guest count MUST be submitted no later than 14 days prior to your event.

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The Buff Event Reservation Agreement

This Agreement is for event services for the event described in the form above, between the purchaser (Client) and The Buff.

e-Signature: By Clicking "I AGREE", You are agreeing to the terms, provisions, conditions and pricing listed on the electronic agreement that you will receive from us after completing this booking form.

Location: The Buff is conveniently located right off Highway 10 between Big Lake and Elk River at 16722 198th Ave., Big Lake, MN 55309.


Event Reservations & Guidelines


Menu Selection:
Menu selection MUST be submitted no later than 14 days prior to your event date. All events booked less than 14 days prior to event must have menu selection at the time of booking.

Meals served more than 30 minutes after the agreed upon time may be subject to a $50 charge.
Please limit your buffet / plated entrée choice to two selections only.

Multiple entrée choices require color-coded place cards to identify which dinner has been selected. Colors must be pre-approved by an event coordinator.

If you would like additional menu ideas for your event, we would welcome the opportunity to customize a menu.

Any Party/Event with more than 20 guests, must order ahead of time from the banquet menu and not the regular restaurant menu.

Room Rental:
In order to reserve any event room/space, a room fee must be paid at time of booking.

All events require a non-refundable deposit (room rental fee) to reserve an event space.

The room fee is non-negotiable and helps to cover expenses such as table setup, chair setup, bar setup, cleanup, take down, coordination, electricity, waste disposal, bartender and staff (does not include gratuity).

Setup and decor can be started an hour before the event or sooner upon request.

Rental time is 4 hours unless an extended amount of time is agreed upon.

Room rental time is as early as 8am - 12am (close). All items must be removed by 1am. Setup can be done the night before if there is not an event that day.

Final guest count must be received 14 days prior to your event. Food prices can be locked in 6 months prior to the event.

Billing is based on your guaranteed (final) guest count or the actual number of attendees, whichever is greater. If final guest count is not received 14 days prior to the event, billing will be based on your original estimate. We cannot guarantee that there will be enough food if extra guests show up unexpected. Any extra guests that attend will be added to your final invoice.


Additional Charges:
Reset room from ceremony to reception is based on size of event and timeline.

To cut and plate a dessert; $50 fee; To cut, plate and serve a dessert; $100 fee.

If you are in need of any additional set-up options, contact the banquet manager.

Items are available for rental, contact the banquet manager for pricing and options.

Any excess trash left behind after an event is subject to an additional fee; starting at $50.


You are required to spend the minimum amount for the event on food and beverages. All food and drinks purchased for the event counts towards said minimum. The room fee does not count towards the minimum. The minimum does not include tax or gratuity.


Food and Beverage
Menu prices do not include tax or gratuities.

Menu / food prices are subject to a 6.875% tax, transit tax, and 20% gratuity.

Hosted bars are subject to an 20% gratuity. Hosted bar prices include tax.

All catering, food is provided on-site by The Buff and is not permitted to be brought in. The only exception is cake / dessert provided by a licensed baker.

In compliance with health codes, food and beverages not consumed during the event may not be brought home. If you brought dessert from a licensed baker, you may bring those leftovers home with you.

State law prohibits any liquor to be brought onto the premise.

Host bar: you are responsible for the payment of your guests’ beverages. You may select a set time, set dollar amount, purchase drink tickets, purchase kegs of beer or purchase bottles of wine or champagne.

Cash bar: Your guests are responsible for purchasing their own beverages.


Payment, Booking and Cancelation

All events require a major credit card and deposit to guarantee space/reservation.

If the event is canceled any down payments and deposit will be forfeited and is non-refundable. The final food and beverage counts are due 14 days prior to the event, or whichever date was agreed upon at booking.

If your event is canceled within the 14 day period, you agree to pay total food expenses.

Deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Payment in full must be received in cash, check or credit card, no later than 1 week before the event.


You may provide your own decorations. Decorations above your package must be set up by your personal party. However, if you would like us to set up and tear down your full room and additional charge of $5 per table will be applied.

Only painters tape is allowed to affix items to walls.  3M command hook products are allowed, but ONLY on brick walls.  Decor may be hung from the ceiling with push pins or tied around ceiling brackets. Easels may be another alternative for posters and signs.  All materials hung in anyway as well as adhesives and pins must be removed by the end of the event.

The use of confetti, rice, glitter, birdseed, silly string, potpourri, river rock or an open flame is not permitted within or outside the facility.

Violations of the above mentioned items would result in additional $100 cleaning/damage fee.
All items must be removed from the location of the event at the conclusion of the event.

The Buff is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

If disposing of personal boxes and trash in our outside receptacles, we request that you break down such items and require pre-approval prior to your event.


We do offer many in-house DJ, Photo Booth, etc., but you are not required to use them.


The Buff is not responsible for equipment, materials, etc. that are brought onto the property. The client assumes responsibility for any damage to The Buff property committed by the client or any guest or agent of the client. Underage drinking is not permitted; this includes the purchase of alcohol for minors. Legal drinking age is 21 years of age. Staff will check guest identification as needed. The Buff is not responsible for the theft or damage of any vehicle. The Buff shall not be liable for non-performance for the contract if said non-performance is attributed to trouble, dispute, strike government (federal, state or municipal) or restrictions which upon travel or transportation in the non-availability of food, beverage, or supply, riots, national emergencies, acts of God and interfering with The Buff’s performance. In such event The Buff shall not be liable to the customer for any damage, whether actual or consequential which may result from such non-performance.

In order to secure your date and space, a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT must be made. Any rescheduling must be done 90 days prior to your event. By signing below, you agree to the terms and conditions of the The Buff Event Reservation Agreement.






What Are Electronic agreements and Electronic Signatures?

An electronic agreement is an agreement created and "signed" in electronic form -- in other words, no paper or other hard copies are used. For example, you write an agreement on your computer and email it to a business associate, and the business associate emails it back with an electronic signature indicating acceptance. An e-agreement can also be in the form of a "Click to Agree" agreement, commonly used with downloaded software: The user clicks an "I Agree" button on a page containing the terms of the software license before the transaction can be completed.

Since a traditional ink signature isn't possible on an electronic agreement, people use several different ways to indicate their electronic signatures, including typing the signer's name into the signature area, pasting in a scanned version of the signer's signature, clicking an "I Accept" button, or using cryptographic "scrambling" technology.

Though lots of people use the term "digital signature" for any of these methods, it's becoming standard to reserve the term "digital signature" for cryptographic signature methods and to use "electronic signature" for other paperless signature methods.

In order to complete the booking process, you MUST agree to the above terms by clicking I Agree and e-signing below.

By Clicking "I Agree" and e-signing Below,
You Agree to and Accept The Above Terms and Conditions.

I Agree:


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